Since inception in 2000, Flowra has grown to be one of the largest pump manufacturer in India. Starting with just 300 pumps per month, Flowra’s production facilities now run on capacity churning out more than 20,000 pumps every month. With an annual production of more than 2,50,000 pumps, Flowra is a large and established industry player based in Coimbatore (India), also referred to colloquially as the Pump City of Asia.

We are industry leaders in a wide range of durable and robust pumps such as

All of our units are fully assembled and tested at the Flowra Pumps Coimbatore facility. Our team of highly trained technical staff have expertise and knowledge in all areas related to our range of products as well as client-side deployment understanding. This helps us constantly improve our products. With continuous investment in Research and Development as well as an emphasis on understanding (and working on) feedback from customers, we have grown rapidly in the last five years to new markets across India and overseas.

Pump Division

2/79, Naduthottam,
Mylampatti, Coimbatore - 641 062,
Phone No: +91 9944938375, +91 9600674799,
+91 9944938371.

Foundry Division

105 D, Cosmafan Foundry Cluster Park,
Arasur, Coimabtore - 641 407,
Phone No: +91 9944938370, +91 8220579797.

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